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What is RTrip

"Trip connects between places, but RTrip connects between people."

RTrip can stand for "Road Trip", "Recording Trip", "Rethinking Trip", or even "Redirecting Trip". Whatever you call it to be, you name it.

We don't just create a word. It captures each valuable moment of your whole journey. All you need to prepare is to have a vehicle and a camera. You might prefer your brand new Chevy Camaro, or the old but luxury Range Rover. Perhaps you are born a biker, you can ride with your wild Harley Fat Boy! Any DSLR, or even your smartphone can make any memory eternal.

However, it is not just about self-drive. More beyond that, it is about the culture that the places you end up to. It is about the interaction between you and your destination. Finally, you will continue to start a new trip. You will always find yourself on the way, never ever stop.

So what are you waiting for? Pack up your stuff and grab your camera. Let's explore!

Work with us:

Want to become a contributor? If you are a travel blogger decided to put life on cruise control, a photographer know how to shoot gorgeous pictures or videos, even a designer always come up with creative ideas. You might consider to be a contributor. Travel around the world while get paid, sounds crazy right?  Let RTrip to connect awesome people just like you.

Please send us email to contact@rtriptogo.com for more information.